Agatha Graves

Agatha Graves

Age: Alive by necessity

Favorite Book: Anything by The King (Stephen King)

Favorite Hobby: Hunting for skeletons in the family closets

Favorite Celebrity: The King (Elvis, that is-because he keeps coming back from the dead)

Favorite Expression: Stick your neck out...please

Favorite Movie: Cujo (If only Elvis could have starred)

Favorite Quote: "For three days after death hair and fingernails continue to grow but phone calls taper off." (Johnny Carson)

Agatha Sherlock Graves was named for two of her mother's favorite mystery personalities. Having been weaned on mysteries, it is only natural that she reached middle age without a single person knowing what she'd done along the way. When asked, she quotes Edgar Allan Poe, "Should you ever be drowned or hung, be sure and make a note of your sensations." Then she adds inexplicably, 'A cat has nine lives." Whereupon, she quotes Poe again, "The serenading cat makes a noise like an infant with the colic, for which it is often mistaken." Agatha has neither children or cats.

Agatha does have a boyfriend, A. Edgar Hoover, a mortician. A. Edgar always assists Agatha in the mournful duty of maintaining the family crypt, and once a year they vacation together. They drive his hearse to California where hearse clubs are common. There they join in the annual "Grim Ride" parade. Then they wend a circuitous route home, sometimes via Graceland, sometimes via Maine (in homage to Stephen King), always arriving back in time for Memorial Day celebrations. Why or how Agatha came to work at the bookstore is-of course-a mystery.

Written by Rebecca Haddad - Drawn by Mel Sherman
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