Campy Deltoid

Campy Deltoid

Age: Old enough to afford her own comics and never too old to read them

Favorite Book: Annual Super-Hero Comic Book Guide

Favorite Hobby: Networking with heroes

Favorite Celebrity: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Favorite Expression: Ah, the deuce you say!

Favorite Movie: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Favorite Quote: "Character is what you are in the dark. (Lord John Worfin in Buckaroo Banzai)

Campy escaped reality midway through grad school after a surfeit of social activism and political science courses hurtled her into the world of escapist fantasy. It happened late on a Sunday evening. She had been studying for more than twelve hours in preparation for a final exam on Twentieth Century Political Corruption. The television was tuned to CNN when it was announced that yet another presidential candidate had failed to spell "potato" correctly. It was more than Campy's already over-loaded circuits could bear. She sought refuge at a midnight showing of Buckaroo Banzai. The combined experience was enough to send her permanently around the bend. She happily abandoned her previous life.

Seeking to sever her final ties to the habits of prevarication induced by years of political study, Campy called family and friends together to announce that she had kept two dark secrets in the closet. One was that she had indeed broken the crystal candy dish when she was four and lied about it. The other was that she was ready to explain just why she liked wearing men's clothing so much. This caused quite an uproar in the family, since the candy dish had been her mother's favorite heirloom, but once it was brought out of the deep recesses of the broom closet and glued back together, all was forgiven.

Written by Rebecca Haddad - Drawn by Mel Sherman
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