Reba Begone

Reba Begone


Age: 39 (The last time she was seen)

Favorite Book: The One-Minute Manager

Favorite Hobby: Disappearing

Favorite Celebrity: David Copperfield

Favorite Expression: See you later!

Favorite Movie: Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Favorite Quote: "Days off." (Spencer Tracy, when asked what he looks for in a script)

Reba is the never-seen, never-wants-to-be-seen manager of Ye Olde Local Book Shoppe. She figures if she is doing her job right, she isn't needed out front. Next to her office door the emergency box reads, "Break Glass to Summon Manager." Every employee has seen her at least twice, though, once during their interview and then again during the Genghis Khan Two-Week Training Marathon. In training, the employees learn bookstore survival skills as preached by Reba. For example:

Section I

A. How to circumvent common questions
  1. "Do you have anything good to read here?"
  2. "Where's the bathroom?"
  3. "Why DON'T you serve cappuccino?"
  4. "Do you have the book by what's-his-name about--umm- I don't remember, but I know it has a blue cover!" (Et cetera through O1,593; also see sections IV-XIVIIVIVIV)

Reba is either the best boss in the world (she's never there to bug you) or the worst (she's never there when you need her). The employees all have an opinion on this matter and are ready to tell Reba, just as soon as they see her.

Written by Rebecca Haddad - Drawn by Mel Sherman
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